Your local attorney that can help


Decades of legal experience you can bank on

You can always rely on a name which has over 40 years

of experience doing the same thing. And that's providing people like you with legal aid spanning across a wide

area. Larry Wilson Attorney At Law is a locally owned establishment — always eager to help you through

tough times.

Here's what we can help you with

Includes family law, juvenile, divorce, etc.

Family Law

Includes wills, probate, real estate, corporate law and more.


Deals with insurance claims and related matters.

Personal Injury

From sound legal advice to

representation in criminal cases.

Criminal Law

Here's why you'll benefit from us

Local attorneys who understand your problems.

Locally Owned

We bring with us over 40 years of experience.

Highly Experienced

We never discriminate on the basis of ethnicity.

All Ethnicity

We represent clients of all ages and gender

All Ages And Gender

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